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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

API Template

API Template

An API Template must include the following:
  • Syntax: Syntax (prototype) of API
  • Description: Detailed description of the API
  • Parameters (input, output): Details of all the input and output parameters along with description of values that can be passed.
  • Return Value(s): Details of the values returned by API after execution.
API template may also include all / any of the following:
  • Synopsis: One line description of the API
  • Calling Sequence: The order in which an API must be called
  • Usage Scenario: Expected scenarios where the API can be used
  • Examples: Most of the programmers makes best use of this place and are expert in copying the examples provided illustrating the use of APIs.
  • Related APIs: Information on the APIs that could be related to the API being documented
    Class / Object/ Method name: Name of class / object / method associated with API
  • Data types: Any special data type declared only for specific API
  • Header File: Any header file associated with API
  • Parent class: Details of any parent class associated with API
  • Exceptions / Error Messages: Any exceptions or errors that a user may encounter while using the API
  • Notes/Warnings: Special notes or warnings while using the API
  • Associations or dependencies (if any)
Sample API Template- Here is the sample API Template for C/C++ language:
  • API name [Write API name here]
  • Synopsis [Provide brief description of the API]
  • Include(s) [Provide name of header files to be included.]
  • Library / Libraries [Provide name of associated libraries]
  • Syntax / Prototype [Detailed Syntax of API, here example of C++]
    int function(
    int param1,
    char* parma2,
    int* param3)
  • Description [Provide detailed description of the API along with exceptions (if any)]
  • Argument(s) [Provide the details of parameters/ arguments]
    param1 - param1 description, by default an input parameter
    param2 [out] – param2 description, output parameter
    param3 [in/out] - param3 description, both input and output parameter
  • Return Values
    ret1 Description of return value
    err1 Description of error (Error is also a return value)
  • Calling Sequence - Provide the flow chart or sequence in which the API should be called, mention if there is any dependency.
  • Usage Scenario - Provide the usage scenario (details on how to use and when to use this API) of the API and possible error or success conditions and how to tackle those errors.
  • Example
    Example Statement
    Example code
  • See Also / Related APIs
    API1 (along with cross reference)


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