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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Links to my API/SDK related presentations

API/SDK Presentations

1. Mar 08 - Your First XML/DTD: STC India Session, Bangalore

2. Feb 08 - MITWA Yahoo Chat Conference: API Documentation - Best Practices
(Chat transcript is available under files section of yahoo group APIWriters as well as MITWA)

3. Dec 07 - Documenting Your First API Guide: http://rubricate.wordpress.com/2007/11/17/delhi-ncr-stc-regional-conference-december-8-2007-oracle-noida


4. Sep 07 - Programming Concepts for Writers (with C++): http://twin-india.org/portal/node/1833


5. Apr – 07 - Documenting Your First API: http://twin-india.org/portal/node/905


6. Feb 07 - Developing your first API Guide: http://twin-india.org/portal/node/684

7. Dec 06 - Developing You First API Guide: http://www.stc-india.org/conferences/2006/agenda_web.htm

8. Dec 04 - Trends in API documentation: http://www.stc-india.org/conferences/2004/PprPrest/Conf_Rajeev.htm

All these PPT / PPS files can be downloaded from Files section of yahoo group APIWriters.

Apart from these, I have also conducted workshops / seminars in various educational institutes on topics like:
-Software Engineering
-Visual Basic
-Email Communication
-Resume Writing
-Programming Guidelines
-MS Office


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